Congratulations to Black Bear Farms of Ontario Estate Winery!  They won 11 medals at the 2010 Finger Lakes Wine Competition in New York.  Over 3000 wines were entered and Black Bear Farms wines won the following:

Gold Medal:
Raspberry and Purple Plum

Silver Medal:
Papa’s Special Reserve

Bronze Medal:
Purple Raspberry
Black Currant
Bear’s Reserve
Golden Raspberry
Golden Plum
Red Raspberry
Mama’s Special Delight
Strawberry 2007

With over 650 wineries from 15 countries participating, this is quite an accomplishment!  Congratulations to William, Michelle and everyone at Black Bear Farms for putting Essex County on the map!

If you haven’t tried a fruit wine from Black Bear than there’s no better time than right now.   This weekend they are releasing their peach and 2008 edition strawberry.  

We’ll be visiting Black Bear Farms this summer on our award winning Wine Trail Rides too!   You can join us on July 17th for a Wine Trail Ride that includes Black Bear Farms, Aleksander Estate Winery and Pelee Island Winery.