To celebrate our 7th year of dating (yes you heard right, dating…not marriage…cut me some slack, ok?), Jillian and I ventured to Thai Palace for Winter Bites 2010.

Right when we seated out waitress laid out their Winter Bites dinner menu along with their regular menu and started to explain to us what exactly Winter Bites was. Fantastic! Having looked at the menu before leaving the house we had for the most part already decided what we were going to eat off the special menu. This is what we ordered:

Jillian’s choices:

  • Fresh Chicken Spring Rolls
  • Chicken Peanut Sauce
  • Cheesecake

Adriano’s choices:

  • Mango Salad
  • Pad Thai
  • Deep Fried Banana with mango ice cream

If you read about Sunday’s meal at Chanoso’s you’re probably thinking, “Does this guy have an obsession with mangoes?” I honestly don’t know what the deal has been with me ordering so many mango dishes, but, I have been very satisfied with my choices.

My Mango Salad was absolutely delicious. The mangoes were sliced up like french fries which added some fun to the first course. You wouldn’t think that mango and onion would be a good mix but it worked very well.

If you haven’t tried Thai Palace’s peanut sauce, shame on you! Simply put, it is incredible.

My Deep Fried Banana on mango ice cream was very yum yums. What made it even more enjoyable was owner, Ray, coming over and talking with us. She is such a kind and goodhearted person full of energy and it is great to see her restaurant become so successful.