Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery‘s 2007 Cabernet Franc is a Franc like no other, this one’s got a lot to say from the moment you smell it to the lingering finish in your mouth. Expect the unexpected, as this wine opens with very berry followed by a smooth transition into a spicy and smoky nose. The fruit has been well balanced in this wine from ageing in oak barrels for 18 months, so enjoy this now or lay down for another 6 years. This wine is perfect to serve with braised lamb or a rich stew.

On his site, EssexWineReview.com, Garry Killops  said it so well we are posting his review here in it’s entirety:

“This is not just another Cabernet Franc. After your first sip you will know exactly what I mean. It is different, in fact very different than any other the local Cabernet Francs I have ever tried.

If you are one of those wine drinkers who say that you don’t like red wine this one may be just the wine that will change your opinion.

If you like Cabernet Franc, expect a surprise when you try this wine. It’s is so different and yes, oh so good.

Let’s start with the nose. It’s fruity. I picked up notes of raspberries and some floral hints. No oak, and no bell pepper notes that I usually find in local Cabernet Francs.

Normally I look for those oak and bell pepper notes in a good Cab Franc. It didn’t matter in this case as the nose was so interesting and enjoyable.

The taste begins with fruit forward notes. Hints of raspberries, and black currants, with some floral hints. It is good, and once again so different.

I didn’t pick up a lot of tannins. Sometimes it is the tannins that non red wine drinkers do not like. There is not a lot in this wine and that is why I suggest that those who do not like red wine should give this one a try as I think you will really enjoy it.

This is a smooth wine. At 13% alc./vol I was expecting some bite at the back of my mouth but there was none. The taste lingers for a nice time after sipping. In fact I enjoyed the the after tase which seemed to last for a long time.

Everything is working in this wine. It is so well balanced that I may I suggest that this is a Cabernet Franc on a different scale.

I paired this wine with a roast beef dinner and loved it. I tried it again with pizza and loved it more.

The wine maker suggest that it will be good for the next 6 years in the cellar. Good luck. This one won’t last long at our house. It is too tempting. You are going to want to open it and enjoy it now. Add this one to your buy list. In fact save yourself a quick return to the winery to buy more. One will not be enough.”