From the beginning, the brother and sister duo, William and Michelle, over at Black Bear Farms & Estate Winery knew they had a great wine on hand when it quickly became their fathers favourite. This is where  it gets the name Papa’s Special Reserve.

The quality of the wine was once again confirmed when, five months to the day of Black Bear opening it’s doors, Papa’s Special Reserve unexpectedly won Gold at the 2009 All Canadian Wine Championships!

While all agree about how great the wine is, customers are mixed on when the best time to enjoy it is. Some prefer it as a before dinner drink with family and friends while some prefer it as an after dinner sipper.  Some have even mentioned to William that they enjoy Papa’s with their steak dinner.

Papa’s Special Reserve is a blend of red and purple raspberries with 17% alc./vol. (it packs a little bit of  a punch!) retails for $18.00 a 375ml bottle.