30 Days of Local Wine – Day Eleven: Pelee Island Winery, 2008 Monarch Red (VQA)

Each autumn, Pelee Island and Point Pelee host thousands of migrating Monarch butterflies. Their journey will not end until they have travelled 3000 km farther south, high into the mountains of Central Mexico. The beauty and fragility of the Monarch only enhances the central mystery of their existence: No Monarch ever makes the entire return trip, so how do they know where to go?

Pelee Island Winery‘s Monarch Red is a fun and lively red wine with ripe and jammy fruit flavours. A welcoming aroma of cherry and violets give way to a balanced finish with robust tannins.

This wine is a great accompaniment to grilled red meats and full flavoured cheeses.

The Monarch Red has a grape composition or 50% Zweigelt, 40% Baco Noir and 10% Chambourcin. It has a alcohol content of 12.5%  and a sugar code of (1).

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