That’s right, right here in Windsor, we have movie stars!  Our very own Rino Bortolin of Black Kettle Bistro has found his way on to the big screen.  Voyage to Betterment is a locally produced film directed by Windsor’s Andrew Facca which documents a journey to improve one’s health.  Here’s an excerpt of what the film is about from their Facebook group:

“Follow Dave and the group on a Reality Journey of Awareness and Transformation. See how food choices can dramatically impact our risk of illness. But that is just the start. Experiments featured in this movie will show the factors that impact our health far more than just food. Some of the amazing things that happened during the filming of this movie have never been caught before on film.”

The movie premiered last night but you can still check it out at Lakeshore Theatres, November 12-19th.  You can check out the trailer on the Voyage to Betterment site.

So head out to Lakeshore this week and support a local endeavour!