It’s Kristin Faye, WindsorEats brand new intern! I’ve just entered my second year at St. Clair College in the converged journalism program where I’ve been learning some new skills.

Along with a passion for writing I have a passion for food and Windsor has some of the best around.  Having grown up in south Texas I’m a connoisseur of Tex-Mex.  When I moved here over three years ago I was greeted by flavours from all around the world, many I’d never met before.  I’m talking about everything from authentic Italian, to Lebanese, to poutine.  That’s right, we don’t have poutine in the south and it’s a shame.

With all the great local food and restaurants Windsor has to offer it’s nice to have a site like to bring awareness to it all.  I’m very happy to become a part of WindsorEats…and just as happy to be a foodie living in Windsor.