WindsorEats final Wine Trail Ride of the year was my first. Seventeen of us gathered at family run Aleksander Estate Winery around noon with the sun still shining. Our guide Chris Carvallo, or “Chico”, doubled as bike mechanic tuning and checking our gear. After inspections we headed for the Chrysler Canada Greenway bike trail. Without a bike of my own I was graciously lent a pair of wheels and a helmet both slightly too big for my slightly small self.

blazing the trails

Slowly acclimating to my mode of transportation while on the trail I took in the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows only fall can offer. Upon reaching our first stop, Black Bear Farms, it was time to rehydrate and with what better than a sample or two ..or three of crisp, golden plum wine. After filling the support vehicle with our purchases we blazed the trail once more.

cheese and wine at Black Bear Farms

Minus the sun and a few degrees, we picked up the pace ready to warm up with red wine at Mastronardi Estate Winery. There we were greeted with glasses of wine and invited to pick fresh grapes off the vine, a first for me. Before leaving we witnessed wine making in the raw while a fresh batch of grapes settled in a large barrel waiting for yeast to be added before it was mixed by hand.


pickin' grapes

Bidding farewell to Mastronardi we were on our way back to Aleksander Estate where dinner awaited us. Upon arrival we were welcomed by the aroma of warm, mulled wine and a spread of pork, roasted squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. With good company, wine, and a delicious local meal it’s no wonder to me why WindsorEats Wine Trail Rides were voted the best culinary tourism experience in Ontario.