In September we are having 2 Wine Trail Rides.  That’s right TWO! 

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Colchester Ridge Estate Winery
Holiday Beach Conservation Area (Festival of Hawks)
Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery

Saturday, September 26, 2009
Aleksander Estate Winery
Mastronardi Estate Winery
Pelee Island Estate Winery

September is such a fantastic month and a great time to be out in the county. 

We really have much to celebrate in Essex County and the Wine Trail Rides have helped us to incorporate all the things we love about where we live.  Local wine and food, cycling backroads and trails, great camaderie amongst friends and the beautiful landscape that is Essex. 

Tickets are $25 for each ride and includes tastings, tours, guides and meal made with as much local product as possible.  It’s also a perfect time to stock up on your local wine favourites as we have a support vehicle that follows us and carries all purchases made.

Tickets can be purchased online at or or by cash only at Maximum Edge, 3393 County Rd 42 (across from the airport).

And dont’ forget!  We now have a tandem bicycle!  For only $90 you get 2 tickets to the ride and the rental of a tandem bicycle.

That is only $45 a person and leaves you with no worries about hauling a bike out to the wineries because WindsorEats brings it there for you!

As always, we recommend purchasing your tickets in advance as each ride sells out.  See you in September!