Garden of Plenty

Zucchini, Cucumber and Cherry Tomatoes
Zucchini, Cucumber and Cherry Tomatoes

Well the garden is in full swing.  The zucchini have been absolutely amazing and I can’t remember when I’ve eaten this much of the squash.  We’ve used it mainly in pastas and or just grilled on the bbq. 

While I thought that I had picked my last zucchini last week, it seems like a new crop is now starting to flower.  Thank goodness!  I just need to figure out how to preserve them for the winter time, maybe save a few seeds for next year.

In the next few weeks, it looks like the tomatoes are going to ripen.  The vines have loads of large green, roma tomatoes just waiting to turn into that beautiful red.  I’m planning on using these for sauce to can for the winter months.  In the mean time,  the cherry tomatoes are ripening one by one.   These are fantastic over pasta, sauteed with a little garlic and olive oil and then rip a few fresh basil leaves over top……oh ya.  It’s good.

Now of all the bean seeds I planted….only 3 plants managed to make their debut.  Two rows of seeds and all I’ve got are 3 plants.   Not much, but I’ll take it.  A few of them are ready to pick but there’s not nearly enough for a substantial meal or even a side dish.

I did pick my first cucumber though.  It would have been my second cucumber of the season had not some furry, little creature gnaw away at the first ripe cucumber in the patch.

Overall, except for the whole weed control problem, my garden has been pretty much a success.  We’ve definitely enjoyed what it’s produced and it’s made me appreciate what it takes to produce food.  When I bring those zucchini over to my mom’s for dinner to share with the family, I have to say that I’m proud of them.  When someone utters “mmm…the zucchini are good”.   I kind of puff out my chest and exclaim “Ya, there mine.  From my garden.  I grew them all by myself.”   I’m so proud of them!  My little zucchini babies!

This has definitely expanded my vision for next year.  Oh ya.  That garden is going to be twice the size.   We’re are going to add some winter squash, garlic, onions, corn, whatever I can fit in it.  I’m gonna start composting and install a few rainbarrels.  The idea of getting rid of my lawn and planting a wheat field has even crossed my mind.  Heck!  I can even put a apiary back there and get those bees busy makin some honey!  Honey!  And don’t even get me started on getting me some city chickens!  Fresh eggs anyone??

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