Over the past few months the weather has been completely amazing and it’s hard to stay indoors to catch up on assignments and WindsorEats stuff.  Early on in the spring I had to head downtown for a meeting and dragged Sean along with me.  We decided to walk around downtown a bit and catch the sights and sounds.

Sean suggested it would be great if there were live bands playing somewhere.  Well, hello!!  Don’t you know???  We have the best live music venue in Canada right here in Windsor!  And Phog Lounge totally lives up to the title. 

On this particular night, Michou and Amos the Transparent were scheduled to play, then at the last minute, Library Voices were added to the start of the lineup. I couldn’t really stay late so I thought I’d have a drink, listen to one or two songs, then head out for the night.  But as soon as Library Voices hit the stage and started playing I was blown away.  This band of 8 from Regina with their saxophone, keyboards, drums, guitars and accordian were completely amazing!  So full of energy!

Since winning CBC Radio 3’s Best Live Music Club in Canada earlier this year, Phog Lounge has been busy preparing for a huge event.  As winners of the nation wide contest, Phog and CBC Radio 3 will be hosting a day long concert in downtown Windsor. 

Phog Phest on July 11, 2009
Phog Phest on July 11, 2009

There will be two stages (one outdoor and one indoor) to accomodate all the amazing music acts that are scheduled.  Tickets are $15, are expected to sell quickly and will be on sale at Black Kettle Bistro, Dr. Disc, Riverside Music, and Phog (of course).   Black Kettle Bistro will also be catering the event.

Aside from this huge event, if you haven’t been to Phog Lounge at 157 University Ave West, and are a lover of live music, then this is the place to experience it.  It’s a small and intimate venue and a perfect spot to catch local acts.