WindsorEats held their first Trivia Night at The Social Bean Cafe yesterday and it was great!  Adriano and I didn’t really know if many people would be interested in participating and as we were sitting outside in front of the cafe, we wondered if it was only going to be the two of us competing against each other.  But as the clock hit 7pm, groups of people started to fill the space and we had a full house! 

Trivia Night at The Social Bean Cafe
Trivia Night at The Social Bean Cafe

I have to admit, when Adriano was coming up with the questions I thought they were ridiculously hard.   Apparently, no one else did because they seemed to answer most questions with ease.

One of the make you think questions
One of the "make you think" questions

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night!  We hope you had as great a time as we did.  Thanks to Jerry of The Social Bean Cafe for hosting and to Chris for being our tally guy and keeping score!   The winners were a group of 3 guys who went by the name “LaSalle Layabouts ” and received gift certificates of $10 for their next trip to the cafe.

Check out these great photos at WindsorVisuals.  If you’re interested in participating, we’ll be hosting our next Trivia Night on Tuesday, July 7 at The Social Bean Cafe, 1255 Grand Marais.