Hello spring.  I’ve missed you.   To celebrate your arrival, I’m cleaning house!  Last night I headed over to Sean’s and we did a little bit of a cleaning up around his house.  Since I’ve known him, he has been raving non stop about a restaurant in his neck of the woods, Tecumseh.  Vang’s, for Sean is the restaurant.  I swear to you he is there at least once a week.  He’s on a first name basis with everyone there.  Kind of like Norm in the tv sitcom Cheers.

Vangs Restaurant
Vang's Restaurant

So it was only  natural that he was instrumental in having them sign on in early May.  A point he likes to make known to me every time Vang’s is mentioned. 

After our day of spring cleaning we pulled up the menu on WindsorEats.com and ended up ordering sushi.  If you haven’t been to Vang’s before, it is located at 25 Amy Croft Drive in the plaza off Manning and E.C. Row and offers Thai, sushi and Chinese.  We decided to order take out and their menu is great for that because it’s loaded with photos so you can get a sense of what you’re ordering.

We ordered Spicy California Rolls, crab wraps, wonton soup and mini tuna rolls and it was all goooood.

Spicy Califorina Roll
Spicy Califorina Roll

Sean loves this place.  Talks about it incessantly.  He even knows the codes for the items on the menu.  “Order the N9,” he says.  Which in laymen’s terms means the Peanut Curry Noodle.  

He knows what he’s talking about.  Vang’s is delicious.  Definitely worth the try.