When hunger hits it’s easy to make a run for the nearest fast food joint. We think it’s cheap and quick. But in downtown Windsor, where there is never a lack of great dining options, a new restaurant is making it’s mark by selling good food, fast.

Black Kettle Bistro, located in the heart of the city centre at 357 Ouellette, is truly a gem in the city’s core. Since opening in June of 2008, owner Rino Bortolin has worked hard to ensure quality ingredients are used in every item on the menu.

“We want people to realize how good affordable food can be,” explains Rino. “The quality is there and you don’t have to pay a lot to eat well.”

Every item on the menu is made from scratch. From homemade soups like creamy Potato and Dill, delicious Portabello Pesto sandwich on organic flatbread made right in the restaurant to Sicilian Pesto pizza with roasted red peppers and grilled eggplant and Manicotti stuffed with roasted garlic and sweet potato.

Black Kettle Bistro Lunch
Black Kettle Bistro Lunch

With a cozy atmosphere and wi-fi connection it is the perfect spot to grab lunch, catch up on emails or even have a business meeting. And the lunch specials are truly amazing. For only $5.98 you can pick up a regular sandwich, soup and a drink! Now that’s a deal. If you’re not up for a sandwich then you can substitute it for a ½ pizza or even a salad.

For those that find it hard to leave the office, Black Kettle Bistro has set up a unique take out system that makes it easy to order for groups of ten or more. For $10 per person you can have a lunch of soup, sandwich and a drink delivered right to you. So if you have a business meeting or a work function and need a hook up for a great lunch, give Black Kettle Bistro a call.

Black Kettle Bistro is open Monday to Sunday. For more information on Black Kettle Bistro visit https://www.windsoreats.com/bkb

Article featured in Biz X Magazine