Update:  Seems like Mother Nature has decided to do the work for us. The snow has melted so the volunteers won’t be meeting up. But winter isn’t over yet, so check in to the Scaledown site when the next snow falls hits!

Our friends over at Scaledown are looking for volunteers to help them out.

On Monday, February 9 at 6:00 pm, a group of concerned citizens are taking it upon themselves to start shovelling the sidewalks of some of Windsor’s most vulnerable persons.

They will be meeting at 255 Riverside Drive East, in front of the Raymond Desmarais Manor, Windsor Essex County Community Housing Corporation’s fully accessible, geared to income, senior’s housing building. The group will shovel the sidewalks and restore access to mobility for the residents, and other pedestrians along this busy thoroughfare.

If you’re interested in helping out email Chris Holt.