No matter how you pronounce the name, it all means one thing: really good Vietnamese and Chinese food. Mi Mi Gardens (pronounced mee mee), located at 400 Tecumseh Road East, has plenty of it.

Owner and chef, David Lam, has been in business since 1997, preparing every meal himself. This ensures a consistency with every dish and even allows Lam to customize dishes to particular preferences or allergies a diner may have.

BBQ Pork on Rice Noodle Salad

Mi Mi’s menu is extensive and there is an array of selections to meet any taste. From their house Shanghai noodles in soup, BBQ pork over fried rice to hot and sour pan fried vermicelli. David ensures every meal is fresh and made to order. Staff is always friendly and accommodating, making sure you get what you’re looking for.

Nearly every item on the menu has a lunch option alongside dinner. Prices are very reasonable and it’s a perfect stop for lunch with most lunch items starting at only $5.95 and up to $7.95. A great suggestion for lunch includes a fresh Shrimp Roll (rice noodles and shrimp wrapped in rice paper) and bowl of BBQ Pork on Rice Noodle Salad. Add a cup of hot green tea and you’ve got the makings of a great mid day meal.

Squid in Black Bean Sauce on Rice

Alongside a substantial vegetarian selection, Mi Mi Gardens has also introduced a Healthy Selections menu that was created in cooperation with the Sandwich Community Health Centre. Working with registered dietitians they’ve put together a menu that offers controlled portions that have been weighed and measured. For rice dishes they also provide the option of brown or white.

The dining area is bright, full of light and quaint. If you’re unable to dine in, Mi Mi’s offers their full menu for pickup with a 10% discount.

Mi Mi Gardens is open from Tuesday to Sundays and closed on Mondays. For a complete listing of their hours and to view their menu, visit

Article featured in Biz X Magazine