No one likes bad news. But it has to be said none the less. Paesano’s Gourmet Market and Cafe is scheduled to close it’s doors this weekend. Despite their efforts to bring quality products and food into the neighbourhood, it was hard to compete with the big box grocer down the road.

Paesano's Gourmet Market & Cafe

It’s another reason why it is so important to visit the small independent businesses in our neighbourhoods. If we don’t use them we lose them. Paesano’s was different from the big box grocer because they focused on customer service and providing quality products. Their baked goods and breads were fresh and didn’t come frozen in a box before being baked. They were also one of the few places that provided local beef, pork and lamb. They had a good ol’ fashioned butcher who knew exactly where the meat came from and knew his craft well.

Paesano’s was also home to Cakes by Renee. I spoke with Renee yesterday and she told to me, rest assured, she is continuing to make cakes! She will keep us updated on where she ends up as she has big plans for the new year.