Adriano and I are in Detroit this week for the Creative Cities Summit. We’ve been invited to attend as media so here I am, sitting at one of the internet portals, waiting for Richard Florida to speak about the rise of the creative class.

Why are we here? Well, Adriano and I strongly believe our city has the potential to be the greatest city in the world (or at least just an all around great and vibrant place to live). In order to be that we need to know what other cities are doing to help make where they live a better place to be.

The conference started yesterday with inspiring speakers and great conversations. People who are eating locally, supporting local businesses, walking and biking to work and changing how they live and interact with their community.

WindsorEats has been given a media pass and we’re sitting alongside people that believe in their cities as well.

That’s my online update from the conference! Lunch is about to be served and I’m starvin’!