The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit wants to know what you think.

They are developing a Food Premise Ratings program to tell the public about the results of public health inspections of food premises (which is basically any place you buy food, like a restaurant, grocery store, convenience store). They are asking for public input by conducting a survey.

The goal of the program is to improve food safety practices, reduce the risk of foodborne illness, and raise consumer awareness of food safety.

There are about 11 -13 million cases of food-related illnesses in Canada each year. The medical costs and productivity losses are over $1 billion annually. According to Ontario statistics, most foodborne illness outbreaks are linked to foods from food premises.

A ratings program puts a score or colour to the inspection results to help you quickly see how well a food premise followed the law at the time the premise was inspected. The score or colour is then posted on the Health Unit website and at the food premise.

So fill out a survey and let them know what you think!