Thanks to Ted Whipp for the shout out on his blog, Blogelicious!

Culinary clicks: Blog appetit!

Yet another foodie has entered the blogosphere, this meat guy from a Tecumseh gourmet market. Which brings up a point: what is it about food, blogging and cyberspace. Click cuisine, one could call it. All hits and menus, all the time.


Jamie Waldron blogs on about meat and food and items on our plates here. It’s commercial, kind of, because after all he’s with Paesano’s Gourmet Market & Cafe. But it’s more food in cyberspace.

Danielle Piche has a kind o’ culinary career going besides her educator day job, with Maple Syrup and Poutine. She writes honestly and fairly about, well, local foods and places. Her work shows up with the Food Network and her blog placed in the final round of the national blog awards. Yes, there really is one.

Christine Leong writes about food, latest recipes and has found a community of readers who enjoy her recipes and way with food words. A recent spicy basil eggplant stirfry can make a viewer run to the kitchen with a recipe printout. Neat stuff.

Of course, makes a business about food online with its directories, so up to date — and not to be taken for granted in cyberspace, by the way. The food blog adds interest and another element.

There’s something fresh and interesting abut food blogs: an unvarnished honesty and a sense of the real deal about dining or whatever, with food attached. A blogger may leave out the secret ingredient in recipe, but may share that and more online.

Blog appetit! There will be more. Pass on the links. Post a comment, tell us, tell all.

A couple more outta town culinary links to click to and consider bookmarking:

  • Not really a blog, but Natalie MacLean writes so well about wine and anything else in the kitchen, dining room, wherever.
  • Again, not a blog, but foodies can find something of interest from Phil Lempert, the self-style Supermarket Guru. American, sure, but still.

Thanks Ted!