Well, the Battle of Hors D’Oeuvres was a huge success! It was a sold out event with 600 people in attendance. Everyone loved that Christine Cushing was there and she had a great time as well. I was lucky enough to sit next to Christine and chat it up with with her, Danielle Piche, Ted Whipp, Ahron Goldman and Mike Diebert.

Christine Cushing and Danielle Piche critiquing Bin151's entry of medjool date and chorizo

The hors d’oeuvres varied in taste and presentation, but in the end it was the St. Clair Centre for the Arts that dazzled everyone and picked up not only the People’s Choice Award but the Critics Award as well.

The winners! St. Clair Centre for the Arts

After each hor d’oeuvre, we discussed the pros and cons of each dish and then rated the plate on taste, presentation, creativity/originality and use of ingredients.

St. Clair Centre for the Arts
St. Clair Centre for the Arts entry....lamb with an outstanding dipping sauce

As I tend to forget things within minutes after it’s happened, I probably should have wrote down what each restaurant was making…..but I didn’t. Note to self: bring pen and paper wherever you go.

Casino Windsor's entry.....delicious peppered monk fish