To enter Paesano’s is to enter a true food lover’s paradise. This being the 3rd ownership to take over the gourmet market, it would seem that the husband and wife team of Mike and Yvonne Dobrich have finally got it right.

Paesano's Gourmet Market & Cafe
Paesano's Gourmet Market & Cafe

The staff is well informed, the place looks great and the product is second to none. Just browsing the place you’ll be immediately charmed by the relaxing colours and gentle ambiance of the tasteful music playing from above.

To add to all this the Dobrich’s have brought on board two heavyweights in the Windsor area. Cakes by Renee’s, Renee Pratt-Snively joined the team to bring her expertise in cakes and pastries while Sanpetra breads has resurfaced to go about their business of making the cities finest fat free breads.

Paesano's Gourmet Market & Cafe
Cakes By Renee

All this and I haven’t even mentioned the cafe.

Chef Mathew Vickerd is creating some of the best lunches and gourmet-to-go this part of town has been waiting for. Everything is made from scratch, right down to the vinaigrettes on the salads. Using a Brant’s double smoked bacon and Hayter’s turkey breast he’s created the best BLT wrap in recent memory.

The offerings are geared toward a lunch crowd. Lighter plates such as their now famous tortellini asiago and more recent additions to the menu such as a pesto cream turkey with grilled vidalia onions and grilled roasted red pepper polenta as well as a teriyaki glazed salmon with fire grilled zucchini on brown rice.

This type of fair isn’t your typical lunch offerings and rightfully so. Paesano’s has become the only liquor licensed market/cafe in Canada which means along with great cuisine you can compliment your palate with some great local wines.

From this kitchen also comes Paesano’s Catering. A full service catering division that can support any number you can throw at them. I’ve seen the catering menu and it’s astounding. Costa Rican Avocado Wraps, Cordon Blue Skewers, and Bourbon Street Beef Skewers are just a few of the samplings.

Paesano's Gourmet Market & Cafe
A wrap from Paesano's Gourmet Market & Cafe

Speaking of local, the owners and management have made a conscious decision to support local industry.

The meats, not only being some of the finest in the area, are the best they can get within Ontario. They’ve teamed up with Norpac Beef from Norwich, Barron Poultry from Amherstburg, Weston Abattoir from Oldcastle, and Ewe Dell Lamb from Woodslee. This means that they offer fresh, local product with the quality to match.

Paesano’s has a vision of what they want to achieve. They’ve set about offering a delivery service for lunches, desserts and anything else that’s on hand.

Paesano's Gourmet Market & Cafe
The deli counter at Paesano's Gourmet Market & Cafe

Move down to the deli and cheese counters and you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for as well as some things you never knew were available. Toffee cheese, applewood smoked cheddar and hard to find salamis don’t even scratch the surface of the vast amounts of products all at Paesano’s to help you “find the gourmet in you.”

Jamie Waldron

Jamie writes for pure enjoyment. He has had articles in publications throughout Windsor/Essex County. While music and photography are his passions, food ranks a close fourth to alcohol. A self described carnivore and self admitted traveler, he spends his days carving meat and thinking about writing.