Before heading to Italy, Rose, David and I hit the road and headed towards Cobh , Ireland. Rose booked 2 nites at the Knockeven House. The drive up was about 3 1/2 hours from Dublin. We stopped in Waterford along the way to chase a stray dog off the street for about 1/2 hour but other than that we go there in good time. When we got there the owner of the house, Pamela, greeted us with tea and homemade scones and jam.

Cobh (pronounced cove) is a cute little town that lays it’s claim to being the port that the Titanic set sail from before sinking. On Saturday we drove over to Cork to visit the English Farmers Market.

In the past few years, there has been a resurgence of farmer’s markets and all things local, seasonal and organic in Ireland. Produce grown within the county, organic milk, beef, pork and poultry, honey from the local apiary, it’s all at the local market. It was great.

And the best part about the market in Cork was that you could enjoy all the local fare at the restaurant that was situated on the second floor and overlooked the hustle and bustle of the market!

So now I’m in Italy. I’ve spent most of my days on the beach. August is a month of vacations for Italians. There’s tons of festivals happening here in every town. Jazz festival in Alatri, San Lorenzo festival in Amaseno, music festival in Ripi. There’s tons of them. Every town has a celebration!

Computer access if very limited here and the place I’m staying at only has dialup (!!!!!). I’ll have to post pictures later, since I don’t have access to all my little programs from this computer! So an update is definitely in order for when I return!