A monsterous panzerotti served up at Sam's Cantina & Pizzeria.

Earlier this week, some co-workers invited me out to lunch. Never one to turn down an invite, we decided to head down to Sam’s Pizzeria and Cantina which is in the west end by the university. I’d never been there before so I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

It was packed! There were all sorts of people there from students to business people. Call me a nerd, but I get pretty excited when I’m ordering at a restaurant I’ve never been to. I usually want to order everything on the menu and give everything a taste. (Secretly, I always hope everyone orders something different so I can nibble a little off their plate.)

Kevin ordered a personal thin crust pizza, Aymon and Carol shared a “Son of Sam”, Heidi had the stracciatella soup and a caesar salad and finally, after wanting to eat everything on the menu, I decided on a panzerotti with eggplant, artichoke and mushrooms.

A bowl of stracciatella soup

The panzerotti was huge! Filled with mushrooms, big chunks of marinated eggplant, artichokes and oozing with cheese! You’d think that would have satisfied me but out of the corner of my eye I still kept eyeing Heidi’s stracciatella soup, which is parmesan and eggs whisked together in a broth. It looked so deliscious and smelled soooo gooood!

But alas, in the end I could only eat half of the panzerotti so they wrapped up the leftover for me to enjoy for dinner later.

Sam’s was great for a couple reasons…the atmosphere is relaxing, the food is great and the mix of university students and us working folk makes it a lively place to be. If you’re in the area check it out! And if you’re not, they deliver!