“The Food Network is good for two things, introducing people to new things and teaching them how to cook at home.”

This coming from Three A Tasting Bar‘s head chef, Ted Dimoglou. I decided to spend a little time in Three’s kitchen discussing the restaurant industry, his feelings on everything from fresh ingredients, books written by ‘celebrity chefs’ and everything in between. Having sat down with restaurant owner/service manager, Alister M. Cameron, earlier in the evening to discuss his restaurant’s new menu, while at the same time furthering my knowledge of fine Vodkas, was of great help in understanding where this small casual/fine dining establishment is going, where it had been and what it is today.

Dimoglou came to work at Three by chance. After leaving Teka Restaurant and Sushi Bar, which he co-owned, he took on a job at local downtown sushi bar. At the same time, Three was undergoing a staff change, Cameron was in need of a head chef and Dimoglou wasn’t finding his niche with his latest employer.

“As luck would have it I was downtown rounding up resumes from some local places when I met up with Martha (Dimoglou, Ted’s wife)”, explains Cameron. “I filled her in to my situation and she told me Ted had recently left Teka, that I should go talk to him, SOON! That evening I met with Ted and Martha and went over my needs and his. After a couple of bottles of red wine and four days of negotiations, Ted was working with me. Ted had about 5 days to learn the entire menu before my original chef was done.”

A daunting task by any means, but it seems as though he’s made the transition with flying colors. Three’s head chef cut his chops in various restaurants downtown and learning an appreciation for sushi, which led him to open Teka in Tecumseh, and then most recently Three. Dimoglou’s dishes speak volumes about his training. Simple, yet complex ingredients come together brilliantly to produce some of this city’s best cuisine. Talk to others in the restaurant business and they’ll tell you the same thing.

Cameron, on the other hand, decided that he’d hone his restaurant knowledge in Vancouver. While on the west coast he worked mainly in kitchens until just before his departure. His last position was that of server where he learned the tools needed to run the front of house, as well as customer relations.

“I’m always looking,” explains Cameron. “When I’m at the LCBO I’m constantly looking for new wines I can add to the inventory. My regular customers know that this is always happening and when they’re here ask ‘What’s new? What have you picked up lately?'”

Along with his ‘ever growing wine list’ Cameron plans on introducing a ‘high end’ cocktail list to coincide with the launch of the new menu this fall. Look for a Surf and Turf Caesar as well as a Sashimi Martini. Things are moving forward at Three.

Chef and owner are playing with ideas, yet to be confirmed, pertaining to the new menu. But there is one thing that is for sure.

“We’ve decided to add more seafood, it’s what Ted loves,” says Cameron.

More sushi and a tuna dish are for certain. Ted also mentions a few more that are in the planning stages.

“Look for whitefish, a Taramo Salato, Shrimp Ceviche, and a warm duck salad. I’m also really excited about this micro green salad with pasturma, it’s a smoked, cured, spiced beef. The taste is sweet.”

After spending some time in kitchen I just had to sample the goods. First out was a curry lentil soup, a nice portion bursting with flavor and texture. Second, garlic prawns, third, sour mashed beef, done on garlic mashed potatoes. And fourth, scallops with a chili honey sauce. Everything was phenomenal.

The current menu, with the ever famous Chef’s Mood, where the patron receives eight tapas, left me in awe. The total eating environment is here, from the articulate service to the tasteful music, the dimly lit dining room to the extensive bar menu, Three has got it and Three wants more!

Jamie Waldron

Jamie writes for pure enjoyment. He has had articles in publications throughout Windsor/Essex County. While music and photography are his passions, food ranks a close fourth to alcohol. A self described carnivore and self admitted traveler, he spends his days carving meat and thinking about writing.