Motor Craft Ales

Cheers to good craft beers!

888 Erie St. E., Windsor, Ontario ⋅ 519-252-8004

To us, the word ‘motor’ represents movement, evolution. And that’s exactly what our family of Motor Craft Ales is meant to be – a unique combination of craftsmanship and technology.

Where simplicity meets progress. And the details are everything.

All in the name of making our guests feel at home. At ease. Natural.

Both Motor Burger and Motor Craft Ales are about the commitment to doing things our way. It’s a philosophy that started with Motor Burger. Creating food from scratch. In house. Now, the beer, like the food is hand-crafted. Made with passion. Foremost about quality. Tantalizing the taste buds.

In some ways both are about deconstructive theory. Taking things apart. Combining flavours that are prominent.
At the root, for us, it’s about taking chances.

There’s beauty in simplicity. When things are pared down. How they’re made. How it’s all constructed. That simplicity is soothing. And it’s who we are.

Come experience our Motor Craft Ales for yourself.

Motor Craft Ales is located within Motor Burger.


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