Imagine the sight of hundreds of colourfully lit cyclists roll by, bells clacking, as they partake in a pub crawl on two wheels.

Riders are always trying to outdo each other with their decorations on each ride. If you pay close enough attention, you may catch a glimpse of the couple on a tandem bike which has custom built chandelier installed to hang over them as they ride.

This is Friday Night Lights, a weekly ride that will light up the night!

Riders will meeting up at 7:30pm at 400 Erie St. E. in Windsor, Ontario with the ride departing at 8pm. Arrive early and enjoy drinks and food on the patio before riding off ang going out on the town to explore the night life. The catch: since it’s a night ride you’ll need lights on your bike. The more lights the better!

Simply put, Friday Night Lights is a pub and grub crawl on two wheels throughout the city of Windsor. While not mandatory, we encourage guests to deck out their bikes in bright lights to light up the night and enjoy the company of good folks and the flavours of great establishments we visit along the way.

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Bicycles are available for rent.