Every month, Erie Shore Vineyard offers up some fantastic specials on their wine. This month is no exception.

For November 2017, the quaint winery will be offering:

Chardonnay, $10.95
The 2016 is an exceptional vintage. Harvested on Sep 21-16. This wine has a buttery mouthfeel and richness and delightful apple bouquet and aromatics. Aged in Stainless steel this wine exhibits its full fruity character. Excellent balance. Will age exceptionally.
Nicely Matched with most main courses including: chicken, beef, game, lamb, pork, vegetables, cream sauces, most cheeeses, pizza, Thai, and Chinese.

Cabernet, $10.95
Lovely dry red wine, rich, with dark fruit,cherry, berry and good tannic structure, carefully aged in Stainless Steel. Another Vintage Essex County Red Year.
It will match great with grilled or roast red meats, game birds, chicken, turkey, vegetables, pizza and tomato based pasta’s, cheeses including hard and blue cheese.

Whitecaps, $7.95
Whitecaps is a blend of Erie Shore vintages resulting in this great fruity little wine that has a delightful bouquet, fruitiness and finish. This wine pairs well with lighter dishes, seafood, Chinese, vegetables, egg dishes, fish, pork and Caesar…

Pier 41, $7.95
Pier 41 is a smooth, wonderfully fruit forward, dry red wine. It has soft tannins, ripe berries, cherry, currant flavours, dominate the palate with a pleasing mid palate and finish. Light, easy drinking and fruity. It matches well with grilled white and red meats, fish, tomato sauce pastas, vegetables, soft cheeses and dark chocolate.