Introducing the Canadian Maple Bacon pierogi by Little Foot Foods.
Introducing the Canadian Maple Bacon pierogi by Little Foot Foods.

Little Foot Foods and WindsorEats have collaborated on a pierogi that will fill yourself with Canadian pride…and bacon and maple syrup.

The Canadian Maple Bacon pierogi, a partnership between the two businesses, is a sweet and salty treat for your taste buds! Little Foot infused smoked bacon with real Canadian maple syrup, mixed into fluffy, buttery mashed potatoes , and took it to the next level with the Canadian Sausage from Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Co.

“Every weekend, if we’re not too busy, we try to have a batter based breakfast like french toast, waffles or pancakes and we wanted to bring that sweet, Sunday morning taste to our customers,” says Robert Myers of Little Foot Foods. “This can be a quick and tasty alternative to a cold breakfast. Eight minutes from freezer to plate and everyone’s happy.

Mmmm....bacon and maple syrup.
Mmmm….bacon and maple syrup.

The pierogies were taste-tested at the last couple Downtown Windsor Farmers Market dates and received an overwhelming response with costumers immediately coming back looking to purchase them. Ditch the sour cream as a condiment for this pierogi, though. Even though they’re made with real maple syrup, we still recommend using even more maple syrup as a condiment. You won’t regret it.

“We expect this with some staple flavours, but for something that is outside the box, it has already found its legs,” Robert said.

As with all of Little Foot Foods’ pierogies, you can mix and match flavours with $10 getting you a dozen, $19 for two dozen, $27 for three dozen and $35 for four dozen.

To add to the fun, it’s Bacon month at Little Foot Foods, so in addition to the WindsorEats Canadian Maple Bacon they will have their staple BCO (Bacon Cheddar Onion) and the Garlikraut with Bacon, featuring locally produced sauerkraut. The Sunrise and Enchilada pierogi also get thrown into the fold for November.

Little Foot Foods rotates their featured flavours monthly so make sure to stock up on the ones you love before they’re gone.

If you’re looking to try how great the Canadian Maple Bacon pierogi is for yourself, Little Foot Foods is hosting a pop-up at Sweet Revenge Bake Shop at 119 Lesperance Rd. today, November 2, 2016, from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

The Canadian Maple Bacon pierogi will be available for purchase at both the Tecumseh and Riverside locations of Sweet Revenge Bake Shop, Robbie’s Gourmet Sausage Co. and both the Tecumseh and South Windsor locations of Dressed by an Olive. You can also order them directly through Little Foot Foods and have them delivered every Wednesday.