Are you schooled in the art of grape growing and wine making? If so, Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards has an employment opportunity for you!

The Essex Pelee Island Coast winery is searching for an Assistant Winemaker/Viticulturist.

Cooper's Hawk Vineyard
Cooper’s Hawk Vineyard

Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards is a winery located near Harrow, Ontario, in Essex County. They are a growing business that is focused on making premium market friendly wines. The vineyards are planted in a mixture of red and white vinifera varieties and winery is well equipped.

They  are looking for a multi-talented individual to join their down to earth team. This person will ideally have some education in this field of work but solid experience in the vineyard and winery will not be overlooked and is a requirement.

Guests of the Wine Trail Ride enjoy a tasting at Cooper's Hawk Vineyards
Guests of the Wine Trail Ride enjoy a tasting at Cooper’s Hawk Vineyards

Vineyard Work:
Spraying, grape hoeing and other vineyard work as required. Experience of safe tractor operation necessary. This person should be aware of safe agrichemical use and is preferably already certified. Should have some understanding of canopy management and other cultural practices.

Winery Work:
All aspects of winemaking from grape processing to bottling. Needs to be versed and experienced in wine additions and in the use of winery gasses and basic operations. An eye and ear for detail is required as is an understanding of basic winemaking practice, principles and science. Basic laboratory work may also be part of this role.

Last and not least this person should be open, friendly, helpful and willing to learn.

If interested, please send a resume to: