Not familiar with food trucks? To get yourself prepared for the event, we wanted to share our list of Food Truck Etiquette to help you make the most of the events.

Truckin' Good Food Series starts on May 31, 2015!
The Truckin’ Good Food Series starts on May 31, 2015!

1. Check Social Media

WindsorEats will be sharing updates on lineups, menu changes and more throughout each Truckin’ Good Food event. While some info will be shared on our Facebook page, the majority of up-to-the-minute updates will take place on our Twitter account, @WindsorEats. Be sure to follow us on both to get the latest details.

Also be sure to use the hashtag #WindsorEats on Twitter and Instagram to join in the fun and show us what you’re eating!

2. Show Up Early

Have a truck you’re just itchin’ to try? Get there early. Don’t wait until later in the day to visit as food trucks run out of food all the time. Supplies are limited in such limited space. The longer you wait the more likely it is the trucks will have sold out of their goodies.

3. Be Patient.

Expect to wait. While the food truck trend is new to Windsor, events like the WindsorEats Truckin’ Good Food Series tend to draw large crowds and lineups at each of the trucks.

Not only will there be lineups, but, you’re likely going to have to wait a little for your food, too. We think that’s a good thing as you know it’s being made as fresh as possible. 

4. Cash is King

Bring cash in small bills and change and have your money ready so you don’t hold up the lines. The majority of food trucks don’t accept debit or credit cards.

Road Chef representin'!
Road Chef representin’!

5. Be Prepared

Seems simple enough. Know what you want ahead of time so as not to keep others waiting. Usually the trucks will have their menus posted for all to see. Walk around and see which menu item(s) from which truck(s) pique your fancy before waiting in line. Don’t go off into la la land or start playing Clash of Clans on your phone while waiting in line and hold everyone up.

Also, just like in a restaurant, group orders should be done all at once.

6. Trust the Chef

Unless you’re the only customer at the time of order, keep your order simple and trust the menu the chefs have created for you.  Food truck chefs make their menu with what’s popular and what’s good. Trust them. Asking for multiple changes to a menu item slows down the trucks efficiency and the line. Big no-no’s at a busy event.

7. Be clean

Nothing takes the joy out of an event more when it’s a mess. Be mindful of others and please clean up after yourselves. There are no waiters or busboys to clean up after you. Place all your garbage into the receptacles and help us keep the site clean for all to enjoy.

Get your food truck on!
Get your food truck on!

8. Make the rounds.

It’s always a good time at a food truck event when you can try out multiple trucks. Simply use the #WindsorEats hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to let us know which dish was your favourite!

Also be sure to use the hashtag to join in the fun and show us what you’re eating!

9. Parking is limited

Bike it, walk it, public transit it. Just know that if you drive it, parking will be limited.

10. Be kind, have fun

This is a free family event for those of all ages to enjoy. Be courteous to those around you when waiting in line. Everyone is there to eat some great food and enjoy themselves.