Be wise and follow these tips.

It’s heeeeere!

Winter Bites Restaurant Week starts tomorrow (and runs through to January 18) and we wanted to make sure that you were well prepared to make the most of it. So drill another whole into your belt and follow these tips to make your restaurant week experience the best it can be:

1. Plan in advance

Look at the menus online before visiting the restaurants and figure out what you want to order. The restaurants are likely to be busy throughout the week and quickly knowing what you’re ordering will make your experience that much smoother. Also, there are only 3 options offered for each course which could be an issue if you’re a picky eater or have dietary restrictions.

Stuffed Yorkie Dinner at The Manchester
Stuffed Yorkie Dinner at The Manchester

2. Make Reservations

We can’t say it enough. Winter Bites Restaurant Week is a busy week for restaurants. If you’re expecting to just walk into a participating eatery and grab a seat, you may be out of luck. Many restaurants get booked solid with reservations, so we recommend doing that yourself to avoid any disappointment. When making the reservation, be sure to let them know you’re visiting for the Winter Bites menu, too. It’ll help everyone out.

Chanoso's - 2014 Winter Bites - 002
The famous Chanoso’s Avocado Eggrolls

3. Dine early in the week

Understand that a Restaurant Week can be a very busy and hectic time for a restaurant. It is not uncommon that staff will work extra shifts to help meet the demands. Because of this, and depending on the popularity of certain menu items, if you’re dining later in the week, some items may have sold out and not be available. When making your reservation, try to make it for earlier in the week.

Spring Rolls from Pho Maxim
Spring Rolls from Pho Maxim

4. Invite Friends

This shouldn’t need to be said, but, we will say it just in case. Invite those you want to be with. With the discounted meals being offered, it’s a great, inexpensive opportunity to dine out and enjoy the company of friends.

Fried Rice Balls from Rino's Kitchen
Fried Rice Balls from Rino’s Kitchen

5. Be Adventurous.

Many participating restaurants use Winter Bites Restaurant Week as a way to not only lure new customers, but, try out potential new menu items. So, even if you’re heading to your favourite restaurant that you visit every single time you dine out, there just may be something on their menu you’ve never seen or tried before.

The Oozie Pie at Sarai Restaurant
The Oozie Pie at Sarai Restaurant

6. Be Social.

As much as we’d love to, we can’t make it out to try every restaurant so don’t be shy and show us your meal! Use the #WinterBites2015 hashtag on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to allow us, and others trying to decide where to eat, to be jealous of your feast.