Unique Hiring Opportunity at Rino's Kitchen

Rino's Kitchen

Rino’s Kitchen is looking to expand their culinary team and want to see what prospective candidates have to offer.

The restaurant will be taking inquiries and scheduling working interviews on Thursday and Saturday of this week where they will sit and chat for a brief 5-10 minute interview. At that point, job seekers will then be asked to go into the kitchen and prepare a dish for us in roughly 20 minutes. This will test your ability to adapt, be creative and use what we have in the restaurant kitchen. You will only be able to use what they have for equipment and ingredients. (hint: look over our menu to get an idea of what they may have in the kitchen)

The position is for a chef for 25-30 hours per week. Wage is dependent on candidates ability and skill level. Rino’s Kitchen is interested in passionate, driven and creative candidates.

Please send your resume and availability for Thursday or Saturday of this week to info@rinoskitchen.com

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