Our very own Euro 2012 tournament puts national dishes against each other

We’ve decided to celebrate the Euro 2012 soccer championships, we’d have our very own Euro 2012 pitting each countries national dishes against each other. Well, the first round is over and here are the results thanks to your voting on our Facebook page for each game (top 2 teams advancing in each group):

Group A:

  1. Pierogies (Poland)
  2. Moussaka (Greece)
  3. Pelmeni (Russia)
  4. Svíčková (Czech Republic)

Group B:

  1. Stammpot (Holland)
  2. Currywurst (Germany)
  3. The Danish (Denmark)
  4. Bacalhau (Portugal)

Group C:

  1. Pasta (Italy)
  2. Irish Stew (Ireland)
  3. Paella (Spain)
  4. Paski Sir (Croatia)

Group D:

  1. Fish & Chips (England)
  2. Swedish Meatballs (Sweden)
  3. Crepes (France)
  4. Irish Stew (Ireland)

Now, our first 2 games of the 2nd round pit Pierogies (Poland) vs. Currywurst (Germany) and Stammpot (Holland) vs. Moussaka (Greece). Which two national dishes are your favourite? Vote here on our Facebook page!