Sweet T's Soul Cookin'

It’s here. It’s finally here.

For months, people have been approaching me left and right asking what the plans for the old Smoke & Spice location on Ottawa Street was. Owners Tina and Ryan Odette kept it such a guarded secret that not even close family members knew what style of restaurant was taking shape there.

On May 24, 2012, Sweet T’s Soul Cookin’ will open it’s doors to the general public and from what I’ve heard about the taste tests, the fried chicken is going to be heavenly. Since it’s pressure fried, all the chicken’s natural juices (and not to mention the special brine they’ll be letting it soak in for 6 hours) are sealed inside making the chicken more tender and flavourful. The chicken also comes with smoked maple syrup. “There’s no tricks,” says Duane Neveu. “There’s no liquid smoke drizzled in there. It’s a pan of syrup that goes in the smoker for half a day.”

Other things that Sweet T’s will do that will please all you “from scratch” believers out there, is in-house brewed sweet tea and they will also be making all their ice cream for desserts in house. Ryan has even gone so far as to make his own pickles. “The only place they appear on the menu is sliced inside our burger, but he wanted to make his own pickles,” Duane said.

Talk about dedication to fresh.

I had the opportunity to be the first person inside to take some photos and get to know more about the restaurant, so enjoy the pictures and watch the video below of Duane Neveu explain what you can expect from Sweet T’s.