Motor Burger in Windsor, Ontario
We have a secret that we’ve been dying to tell everyone for a while now, and guess what? We finally get to be the first to share it with you!

Motor Burger has begun brewing their own beers and will be the only brew pub in Windsor!

Gino Gesuale and Jay Souilliere have been restaurateurs for many years and have always been creative and different in the ventures they chose. “More often than not we ventured out of our comfort zones to learn and push the envelope of what is considered to be ‘norm’,” says Jay.

Here’s an example of how driven and out of the norm they are. In 1997 the pair travelled to San Francisco to purchase a coffee roasting machine to produce their own product and push their popular coffee shop brand at the time, The Beans Caffe, to new heights. Until the business was expropriated (it was part of the Norwich Block), they proved to themselves and to many doubters that they could roast and market their own brand of coffee. Club Monaco’s Caban, Neiman Marcus, Pusateri’s, Hudsons all purchased their retail product.


They are have high hopes that their Motor Craft-Ales will reach similar success.

“We started Motor Burger because we felt that the gourmet burger segment in Windsor was under-serviced,” Jay says. “We are extremely pleased with the response we have received over the past 2 years, and feel strongly that Motor Craft-Ales will not only compliment our restaurant but build on it as well.”

The initial start up with the Motor Craft-Ales, with the help and expertise of their brewmaster Donovan McFadden, will focus on flavorful brews of Amber Pale Ale, Cascadian Dark, India Pale Ale, and a lighter Lagered Ale. Jay says that all will have different taste and qualities to provide a well rounded start to the Motor Craft-Ale lineup.

“As far as how many we eventually intend on brewing, it is really an unanswerable question,” he says. “There are uncountable different styles and flavors that we wish to have fun with.”

Jay and Gino also plan on having seasonal and ‘special brews’ during the year, however the frequency is still unknown as they are still developing brewing procedures to fulfill our current demand at Motor Burger.

The future plans of Motor Craft-Ales doesn’t contain itself within the restaurants four walls, either. “The goal is to put great effort towards the Motor Craft-Ales brand and eventually carry our beer exclusively,” Jay explains. “The brew license we currently have limits the consumption of our beer to our establishment, but it is a goal of ours to eventually obtain a different license that would allow us to sell Motor Craft-Ales product for ‘take home’ as well.”

Bikes & Beers Cycling Tour

While customers can anticipate the target date for flowing of the first pints on June 1, 2012, WindsorEats has another surprise for our fans. WindsorEats will be visiting Motor Burger on our Bikes & Beers cycling tour and we’re giving you the opportunity to be one of the first to try the Motor Craft-Ales brand!

Tickets are still available and are only $40 with proceeds going to the Returns for Leukemia fundraiser. The tour will also visit Rino’s Kitchen, Walkerville Brewery and also sample Wellington Brewery and Steam Whistle beers.

The Bikes & Beers cycling tour will take place on May 26, 2012.

“At that time we will attempt to ‘own the tower’ with our products,” states Jay.

What else can Jay say? He’s excited! (watch the video to get the inside joke)