Windsor Essex is losing another great small business.  Tredki Acres and Trusty Food To You announced today that they are closing their doors in Essex County and moving to Huntsville, Ontario. 

Trusty Food To You provided a great service that ensured access to local food was available to everyone.  Tredki Acres is a fantastic berry and pumpkin farm which, by the way, made some oustanding Saskatoon berry jam.

Tredki Acres and Trusty Food To You have a great enthusiasm and dedication for what they were doing.  Aside from the farm and Trusty Food, they even started up the Amherstburg Farmers Market.  They supported growers and producers in the area and contributed to raising awareness for local agriculture.

It is so important to support our local businesses to ensure that they stick around.  We need to ensure that small businesses and farms like Tredki Acres can grow and thrive here.  It’s the only way that we move forward as a community and a region.  Our successes are our region’s successes. The success of another small business only adds to the viability and livability of our community and simply put, it just makes this place better.  I know that WindsorEats could not survive without the strong, local, loyal support that it recieves.  It is so important to everything we do.  

April 21st will be Trust Food To You’s last day of operation in Essex County. Dan and Nancy are a wonderful family and we wish them all the best in their new journey!