Beef Share Program

If you haven’t heard, County Connect has a great beef share program.    What’s a beef share program?  Well, it’s when a group of people get together and purchase the entire animal and share all cuts of the meat. 

The beef is naturally raised in Essex County.  There are no hormones, steriods, antibiotics and the animal has not been fed genetically modified grains.  You’ll never taste anything like it. It is outstanding.  Our family often purchases meat that has been naturally raised and it’s hard to go back to the stuff you get off a shelf at the supermarket. 

Here are some of the benefits of the beef share program listed on the County Connect site:

  • Know where your food comes from and how it was grown and raised. Feel good about eating a high quality natural product that is safe for your whole family. Also, know you are supporting the farmers in our community who love what they do, nurture the animals they share and have a commitment to quality of food you can enjoy.
  • Discover many ways to enjoy beef. The whole animal is custom cut by our Butcher, Jamie Waldron who believes some of the most flavourful cuts are often ignored and/or overlooked. Each share gets a selection of both the popular cuts which include the well known steaks, and other cuts for you to discover and enjoy. Tips and recipes will be included to ensure you enjoy every portion.
  • Save Money. By purchasing a share, your overall cost of the premium product that you receive will be lower than what you would pay for an equivalent quantity and quality of pre-cut meat at retail. In addition, you can feel great about knowing you are supporting a sustainable local economy.
  • Help farmers. With your commitment in purchasing a portion of the animal and paying a deposit up front, you allow farmers to plan yields and grow their farms. Farming is hard work that is not always profitable. By supporting our local farmers, you help to ensure a sustainable supply of fresh, quality food.

November Beef Share registration is due Tuesday October 19, 2010.  If you are interested in getting in on this dry aged, local, naturally raised product, please register at:

They are also taking orders for Christmas turkeys and the deadline is December 8, 2010.

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