Yes, it’s Earth Day! 

There are so many things that you can do every day that can make a small change.   You’ve probably heard these before as they are popular suggestions and we’ve talked about them in the past on WindsorEats.  But they are always worth mentioning again.

Rain Barrel
My goal this spring is to purchase a rain barrel. There are so many benefits to using a rain barrel to collect rain water including decreased water bills, energy consumption.  Many gardeners prefer the soft, chlorine-free water available to produce greener lawns and garden.

I just bought a rotating composter for the backyard and am super geeked to use it.  My garbage waste is going to drop by over half.  Plus I get to produce rich, nutrient filled compost for the garden.  It’s a win win situation.  At the Enviro Expo this past weekend I even learned about vermicomposting from the Essex Solid Waste Authority.  They should me that you can keep a small container in your kitchen, with a few tiny little worms in it, and it produces the best dirt ever!

Pass on Plastic
We all know how destructive this man made product is.  They take up to 1000 years to biodegrade and of the hundreds of millions that are used every year, only 3% are recycled. Buy cloth or organic bags and take them with you on every trip to the grocery store and market (or any store for that matter).

Dry it al Fresco
Let your clothes dry naturally.  While I have a clothes dryer, I normally never use it.  Instead, during the summer months, I hang my clothes to dry outside.  In the winter, the clothes rack comes in side and I do the same.  It saves a ton on electricity and there’s something about the smell of laundry that’s been hung out to dry.  Love it.

Go Local and Eat in Season
I don’t think I really need to explain why this is so important.  Eating locally and in season reduces our carbon footprint and supports a local economy.  We live in a region that is busting with good things to eat.  Support your local farmers.  ‘Nuff said.

There are so many other things that can be done to ensure we have a healthy, happy environment.  We are all responsible and we can all, individually and collectively make a difference.