Richard Thibert, you are my hero.  Not only are you a great farmer, produce GMO free produce and are just an all around great guy but now you have just moved up another notch on the greatness scale.  You deliver.

That’s right.  Richard Thibert of Thibert Farms, now has a delivery service.

I decided that I would cater to my customers by implementing a home delivery service,” says Richard. “Not only will I grow the grain, mill it, and bake it into the yummy nutritious breads, cookies that everybody loves, now I will deliver it right to your door.”

Aside from bread, pancake mixes, cookies, croutons and stone ground flour, you can also order meat that Richard raises right on the farm.  Hormone and chemically free meat that was fed only from his “non GMO” grain and hay (also grown on his farm)! 

There is no additional cost for the delivery service.  The delivery price is the same price that it is at his farm store!

Richard plans on making one delivery a month to start.   The bread and the cookies will be fresh and it freezes excellent so don’t be afraid to bulk up your order, and stock up for a month.

If you are interested in getting on board with this ridiculously brilliant idea contact Richard at (519) 682-0204 by email or visit their website