We held our screening of “The Future of Food” on Sunday and I’m happy to say it was a great success.  About 50 people came out to watch the film and discuss the issue of genetically modified foods in our community. 

Our panelists were Mark Muzzin of Aleksander Estate Winery, Tory James a representative of the Oneida First Nation, Richard Thibert of Thibert Farms, Jamey Essex of FedUp and Renee Trepanier of Nude Food.

The discussion was an engaging one with audience members contributing their viewpoints and opinions.  The issue of genetically modified foods is one that many people are unaware of and but should know more about.   Often times we hear about these types of concerns and think they are taking place in far away countries and it doesn’t really affect us.  But the use of genetically modified seeds and foods does exist in Essex County and it’s an issue we need to be asking questions about.

The film is definitely worth watching to get a persepective of what is happening.  If you have seen the film and are wondering what you can do, we did discuss ways of helping to make a difference:

  • Get to know your farmers.  When going to the local market or the farm, ask the farmer.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that Essex County is not growing GM foods.  It exists here in large quantities.
  • Ask questions.  This is your health and your body.  You have every right to ask where your food comes from.
  • Call your local MP and demand that GM foods are labeled on products. 
  • Be informed, engaged and participate.  The only way change happens is when we make it happen. 
  • Grow your own! Purchase heritage or heirloom seeds and start a vegetable garden or become involved with groups like FedUP and other community garden groups or start a community garden in your own neighbourhood.

Thank you to the panelists and the audience for an informative and engaging discussion!