So it’s been about a month since I’ve started my garden and I am happy to report it is surviving!  Luckily we’ve had rain which has saved me from watering it.  The beans, lettuce and spinach seeds that were planted have begun to sprout and the seedlings have taken root and seem to be flourishing. 

Peppers are growing in my garden!
Peppers are growing in my garden!

Other than remembering to water the plot, not much else has taken place.  I’ve been keeping an eye on it and checking in on the sprouts and any time someone stops by they are forced to look at the garden too. 

Although my brother, Anthony, asked me a question yesterday that had me thinking.  “Do you have a lot of rabbits in the area?”  Why yes….yes I do.  Lots of them, in fact.  Cute, furry, nibbling, lettuce-eating, garden-ravaging bunnies.  He suggested I might want to think about some type of fencing to protect the lettuce.   I’ll have to give that one some thought and figure out a way to keep them out.

In the meantime, while my garden grows, I’ve been on the hunt for local produce stands.  It’s June and that means it’s strawberry season.  Easy, right?  Not so much.  I did find a guy that was selling produce on Manning Road out in Tecumseh who told me the massive sized strawberries he was selling were local.  Unfortunately for him, I can read and the words “California” written on the side of the container was kind of a tip off to me that they were no where near local. 

Luckily, it is strawberry season in our region and there are a few farms out there grow the local berry and sell them or let you pick your own:

The Fruit Wagon
793 East County Road 50, Harrow
(519) 738 – 4819

Raymont’s Berries
447E County Road 14, Cottam
(519) 839 – 5422

Tredki Acres
7591 Collision Side Road, Harrow
(519) 730-1253

Black Bear Farms
1137 County Rd 20W, Kingsville
(519) 733-6289

McLeod Farms
270 County Rd 34W, Cottam
(519) 839-5351

That’s just a few of the farms that grow and sell strawberries.  Call first, before heading out.