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#30DLW: Black Bear Farms, Black Currant Wine with a Flaming Diablo

What you do you get when you combine black currant wine, tequila, and a match? A Flaming Diablo cocktail that will be the hit of the party.


#30DLW: Aleksander Estate Winery, Baco Noir 2012 with a Ruthven Whiskey Sour

We handed a bottle of Aleksander Estate Winery’s Baco Noir to bartender and owner of The Blind Owl, Mark Dutka. He made us a cocktail that didn’t disappoint.


One of the Best Mint Juleps You'll Ever Have

There ain’t no party like a Mint Julep party ‘cuz a Mint Julep party don’t stop!


Refresh With An Authentic Cuban Mojito

It’s mint season and we’ve been hearing from plenty of you that your gardens are so full of the stuff that you don’t know what to do with it. As is usually our response, we say, “make a cocktail!”