2015 Windsor Craft Beer Festival

With the Windsor Craft Beer Festival less than a week away, we thought we’d put together our list of ‘Must Try’ beers that will be on tap during the October 16-17 celebration.

With 20 breweries and over 70 fantastic craft beers being represented, the choices were tough, but, here are 5 that we thought would be the most talked about throughout the weekend:

Atwater Brewery’s Vanilla Java Porter

Atwater Brewery
Atwater Brewery

When it was announced that Atwater Brewery was coming over the river from Detroit, the first response out of most peoples mouths was, “Are they bringing their Vanilla Porter?!” The answer is yes. Yes they are.

According to Atwater Brewery:

Made with fine-roasted coffee beans and vanilla extract, this is one of the most admired beers Atwater offers. Unique and flavorful, with a chocolate malt finish, this beer is a perfect balance of complimentary ingredients.

Atwater’s slogan is “Beer is good.” They’ve well surpassed good with this creation. It’s pretty freakin’ fantastic. 

Motor Craft Ales’ Salt Shaker

Motor Burger only serves their own brews, Motor Craft Ales
Motor Craft Ales is known for their creativity.

A new beer from the always creative group at Motor Craft Ales, the Salt Shaker could be the only sour beer at the Windsor Craft Beer Festival this year.

An old German beer style from Leipzig, Gose is an unfiltered wheat beer made with 50% malted wheat, which creates a cloudy yellow colour and provides a refreshing crispness and twang. It is then soured with lactic acid making the taste resemble a tart lemon.


Craft Heads Brewing Company’s Turbulent Peanut Butter Chocolate Porter

Craft Heads Soft Opening - 334
Craft Heads Brewing Company

The great thing about the Windsor Craft Beer Festival is that if offers festival goers the opportunity to sample many different types of beer.

With 30 taps at their downtown Windsor facility, the new(ish) Craft Heads Brewing Company is constantly playing around with creative small batches for their customers. Enter their Turbulent Peanut Butter Chocolate Porter.

Yes, peanut butter flavoured beer is a real thing and it’s a must-try just for the uniqueness.


Great Lakes Brewery’s Pompous Ass English Ale

Pompous Ass from Great Lakes Brewery
Pompous Ass from Great Lakes Brewery

The Pompous Ass English Ale is the two-time Canadian Brewery of the Year’s take on English Pale Ale and is one of Great Lakes Brewery’s customer favourites. Throw it into a cask and oooooooooh weeeee it’s good.

Considering this will be Great Lakes’ first visit to a festival here in Windsor-Essex, we recommend arriving early to avoid the flocks of people making a mad dash to their booth.


Beau’s Le Formidable

Beau’s has built up a great reputation pumping out amazing beer after amazing beer. Brewed by Gigantic Brewing of Portland, Oregon, which are signed to the Beau’s B-Side Label spinoff, La Formidable is an American-Belgo IPA a hybrid beer style. 

C’est magnifique!


 Take a look at our beer list for the 2015 Windsor Craft Beer Festival.
Which beer are you excited to try?