Eat, Drink & Be Merry with Walkerville Brewery's 'Art of Beer'

Just going to get me a little taste of that...
Just going to get me a little taste of that…

Walkerville Brewery presents the third annual ‘Art of Beer’, a night filled with craft beer, exquisite cuisine and fine local art from local artist Bob Voyvodic.

The Art of Beer takes place Friday, December 12, 2014 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

During the event we will be presenting our third and final Holiday Label for our Limited Edition growler and 500ml flip top bottles featuring the artwork of Mr. Voyvodic. These bottles are filled with a truly unique hand crafted beer on special limited release, created in collaboration with a local entrepreneur to be named during the event.

The two litre growlers are limited to 150 in quantity and are available by reservation or first come first serve basis starting December 13th. As with each Art of Beer event, the artwork will be auctioned off live, and the proceeds are donated in benefit of a local charity. This year the charity to benefit is the Windsor Youth Centre. This event is almost sold out, and has limited tickets remaining.

“These sorts of events define our industry,” says Tom Scully, the sales and marketing manager at Walkerville Brewery. “Craft is community, collaboration and great tasting beers!”

Walkerville Brewery will also be expanding the Retail Shoppe offering holiday packages and special edition products beginning December 13-24, 2015.


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