Windsor Craft Beer Festival
Windsor Craft Beer Festival

New this year at the Windsor Craft Beer Festival, unique beers will be released every hour exclusively for VIP guests to make them feel extra special. While Saturday VIP tickets are sold out, there are still VIP tickets left for Friday night. Here is the special list of VIP beers:

  • 3:00pm: MacLean’s Pale Ale. A handcrafted ale brewed with quality ingredients that reflect the same philosophy of the guys who make it. Inspired by classic English ales.
  • 4:00pm: Ramblin’ Road’s Dakota Pearl Potato Ale. This limited edition Dakota Pearl Potato Ale takes its inspiration from the premium quality Dakota Pearl potatoes.
  • 5:00pm: Motor Craft Ales’ Smoke Show.
  • 6:00pmBeau’s Dial Z for Zwickel. Dial ‘Z’ for Zwickel is a rare new creation from the Beau’s brew team, a hazy copper-coloured lager called a zwickelbier – a beer so über-fresh, it tastes like you walked right up to our tanks and poured it yourself.
  • 7:00pm: TBD
  • 8:00pm: Flying Monkey’s Shoulder of Giants. Imperial IPA, beautiful tangerine notes in this Gold Medal Winner.

As a disclaimer, the beers noted are subject to change. Also, the VIP beers will be available in limited quantity. Once they’re released, when the offering is done, it’s done!