If you’re a fan of Walkermole, you better get your fill of it now before it’s gone.

Soon after they participate in the Winter Bites Restaurant Week near the end of January, the Mexican restaurant will be going through a drastic makeover.

New owner, David Dimoglu, officially took over the restaurant on December 1, 2012 and is aiming for a transition in style, both for the culinary offerings and design, for the end of January.

“Initially it was going to be a small renovation,” says David. “It will be a bit bigger than we initially planned with the installation of banquets and booths and such. We wanted to avoid that but it will really make a difference just to make the place cozier and eliminate the big empty room feel it has now.”

He mentions that he is aiming for a warmer feel. “A little more rustic, going towards kind of an urban industrial, yet warm, feeling if that makes any sense,” he says.

There have been some architectural elements donated to the restaurant from the old Canadian Club fermenting towers that are across the street from Walkerville Brewery. They’ll also use as much reclaimed items as we they can. “It’s a neat talking point and it just fits. it fits the neighbourhood,” David explains.

The offerings from the kitchen will also change. He refrained from calling the cuisine global, instead stating it will be food that he enjoys to eat himself or cook for his friends and family.

“The difference will be that it will be a very diverse offering,” David says. “There will be familiar flavours but uncommon executions and things that aren’t represented in the city right now. I’m very confident people will go for it.”

For the start of the rebirth, David isn’t planning on printing menus. Instead he is leaning towards a chalkboard that can be changed on the fly to reflect a daily menu. He believes there will be a few things that will be big hits that won’t change, but for the most part, to incorporate significantly more local products, menu items will change with item availability.

“I’ve been meeting local suppliers and developing relationships, but by the time I got to know everyone the season was over. Next year we’re looking forward to having things custom grown for us.”

“It won’t be the case where you have the choice of a daily vegetable and mashed potatoes or fries. It’s not going to be like that at all,” he goes on to explain. David also believes that it will be a nice crash course on cook training for the staff to keep them inspired, motivated and learning all the time.

Early indications are pointing to an a la carte menu, so when you order a steak or main course, that’s what you get and you can order the sides separately. The sides will have a lot of focus placed on them, not necessarily as garnishes but as actual dishes themselves.

The new name is being kept under wraps for the time being until all the legal work is taken care of.

As stated above, Walkermole will be participating in the Winter Bites Restaurant Week and will feature a more Latin themed menu to say a farewell to the Mexican restaurant that we know. Winter Bites Restaurant Week takes place January 14-20, 2013.

“Having said that, it could change,” David smirks.