Last week Adriano was insistent about going to have a meal at Jovan’s Station on Walker Rd. I had never been there before, but had heard many good things. The ladies my mom goes out to dinner with at work all love it and Jovan’s caters the food at a day care my sister had recently done a teaching placement at. She said it was the best month of lunches ever.

With high expectations, I was not disappointed. I was, however, stuffed beyond believe when we left as their portions are very generous.

Jovan’s seems to be hitting a cross section of markets with simple, quality meals. The dinner crowd on the night we went was a mix of young families, seniors and middle aged couples. I really have to note how great the service was, too. After a recent string of poor service at some restaurants, I was beyond ecstatic to have consistently pleasant and quick service. Our glasses were refilled before they were empty and my questions about ingredients in certain dishes weren’t met with rolled eyes from the waitress, but rather thorough and knowledgeable answers.

We started out with the Spinach and Cheese Dip appetizer. It was so creamy and fresh, it left Adriano and I pretty much scraping the dish for just one more bite! I ordered the Salmon Fillet, which is marinated in extra virgin olive oil, dill and lemon. It is served with your choice of soup or salad, fresh veggies, choice of potatoes and fresh rolls. (Like I said, it is a lot of food!!) The day we were there they had pepper soup, which Adriano loved, and the garlic mashed potatoes were super yummy.

Adriano is still talking about the Cebapi he ordered. Cebapi is a popular Balkan dish that looks like little mini sausages made of grilled ground beef, lamb and pork. He went on and on about how great they were. They are way too meaty for my taste, so I will take his word for it. However, his French Onion soup, which I may have eaten half of, was extra cheesy and could have been a meal in and of itself.

It was a nice casual dinner out and we left stuffed and with enough leftovers for lunch the next day, always a bonus in my books.

If this sounds too delicuos to pass up, you are in luck this week, as Jovan’s Station is participating in Eat Your City 2010. Both the Grilled Salmon and the Cebapi are featured on the EYC menus!

Visit for more information on their EYC menu.