10 Tips to Enjoy Winter Bites Restaurant 2014

10 Tips to Enjoy Winter Bites Restaurant Week

10 Tips to Enjoy Winter Bites Restaurant 2014

Winter Bites Restaurant Week, held from January 13-19, 2014, is here and after the polar vortex of the past week, I think it’s safe to say Winter truly does bite. So, to help you ignore the temperature and snow we’ve compiled a list of ways that you can help ensure your Winter Bites experience is as tasty and fun as can be.

1. Talk with Your Servers
Don’t be shy. Some restaurants are rolling out new dishes just for Winter Bites, so the servers might have an inside scoop on the dish. Also, if for some reason the waiter/waitress has forgot to hand you a Winter Bites Restaurant Week menu, just ask. They might have been busy, fallen into routine and forgotten.

2. Try Some New Dishes

As mentioned in the first tip, some restaurants are offering new items that have never been on their regular menus before. So even if you’re wanting to visit a regular of yours, you can make it something fresh and new by ordering one of the new items on their Winter Bites menu. Some examples are:

These are just a few of many examples. Check out the participating restaurant menus for more.

3. Take and Share Photos
Yes, be one of those people. Selfies with your sandwich? Group hug with the hummus? We’re all for it. In fact, we encourage it! You can share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram all using the same hashtag: #WinterBites (yes, Facebook uses hashtags now).

Check into a restaurant and Winter Bites Restaurant Week

Along with Facebook-ing and Tweeting your Winter Bites selections, use Facebook or Foursquare to tag or “check-in” to your restaurant of choice and tag WindsorEats as being with you.

4. Share… literally!
It’s always fun heading out with a group of friends and Winter Bites makes it that much tastier. We’ve heard stories of everybody at a table ordering a different item so that everyone can try each and every dish on a particular restaurants Winter Bites menu.

5. Make Reservations
No one likes to be shown the door, that’s why we strongly recommend making reservations during the week, especially for the weekends. We’ve had restaurants booked solid and have to turn customers at the door away.

6. Weekday Dining
If you’re wanting to avoid the busiest time, we recommend dining out for Winter Bites Restaurant Week on a weekday. It’ll help avoid the likeliness of a restaurant being booked.

7. Work Week Lunch
Office party!!! Or lunch…just sayin’. Winter Bites is a perfect, inexpensive way for the office to head out or order in for a bite to eat as a group.

8. Don’t Forget Your Passport

Winter Bites Passport

If you’re going to eat, you might as well take the opportunity to try and win, too! Be sure to print out our Winter Bites Passport for your chance to win prizes.

If you haven’t picked up a passport at a participating restaurant yet, you can download and print one be clicking here.

9. Go For A Walk…And A Pint or Three
If you’re wanting to make a day of it, on Saturday, January 18, 2014, WindsorEats will also be hosting a History Over Pints walking tour. It’s a perfect opportunity to spend a fun day and conclude it with a Winter Bites meal, including Rock Bottom, which is just down the street from where we finish. Psst. They’re giving you an Ontario Craft Beer of your choice with each Winter Bites menu ordered.

10. Be Adventurous. Try A New Restaurant
How do you know you won’t like it if you’ve never tried it? While it’s great to have a regular restaurant that you absolutely love, with over 30 restaurants participating, there are so many different styles of cuisine to choose from. Why stick to you “go to”?

As an example: a first for Winter Bites, the private club, The Windsor Club, is opening up their doors to the public to dine in during the week. Reservations are required but this is definitely a unique experience that many have never had before.

With discounted prices during the restaurant week, why not take advantage of it?


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