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The Great Whisk(e)y Debate Takes Place This Saturday

Look, listen and learn as they delve into the debate that determines which dram reigns supreme. There will be 6 different whiskies featured and sampled.


The Whisky Chef Visits Windsor to Train Bartenders

16 years after getting his first job slinging drinks to Windsor’s university crowd, Matt Jones returned with a new position: Brand Ambassador for Jim Beam.


Whisky Vs. Whiskey: Are They Different?

It was a Saturday afternoon. We were entertaining a group on one of our Drinks of Walkerville walking tours and made our stop at the Canadian Club Brand Centre for some history and tastings when we dropped this simple tweet: Oh, hey Hiram. You're looking dapper today. #windsoreats #whiskey #HiramWalker @Canadian_Club pic.twitter.com/07EBStqKTH — WindsorEats (@WindsorEats)…